Beginning at the dawn of a new mission in a foreign land, “Solstice” opens with anticipation and a calm excitement. Near the end of the first movement, the music evokes rockets being fired into the base during the overnights. Quickly adjusting to a different reality, order is brought to the chaos and a working calm is reestablished.

The second movement – introduced in the last chord of the first movement – is the realization that the return home will be with fewer soldiers, fewer friends. The tonality of the movement represents suppressed emotions; the lyrical line and syncopated rhythm repeat as ever-present reminders of loss. The frustration of anger rises to the surface – sometimes surprisingly – but is dealt with while continuing the work. In spite of personal feelings, the mission is not over. So, we continue…

The third movement (a march) reflects the dedication and commitment of warriors as the mission is completed and we return home.


  • 1st Movement, 2:54
  • 2nd Movement, 4:29 (introduced at 2:48 of the 1st Movement w/chimes and timpani, begins at 2:54)
  • 3rd Movement, 2:52 (begins c. 7:22)
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