Seasons on the Crow River

Seasons begins with the relaxed groove of “Fall” when you could be floating down the Crow River in a canoe. My original concept was to represent each season with two short musical sketches. But, as it often does in Minnesota, “Winter” just wouldn’t let up! It kept on going and going and going… So, abandoning my initial concept, I ended up with spring peeking through “Winter” (with “Early Spring”) before fully arriving (“Late Spring”). “Summer” recalls light-hearted, carefree days leading into an almost carnival-like finish, much like the Delano Fourth of July Celebration – “the oldest and largest” in the state of Minnesota.

There is a slight break between the end of the first movement and the beginning of the second movement. Each of the subsequent movements segue directly into one another. Here are the approximate durations of each and where they start on this recording:

  • I. “Fall” (1:28)
  • II. “Winter” (3:22 beginning c. 1’31”)
  • III. “Early Spring” (1:41 beginning c. 4’53”)
  • IV. “Late Spring” (0:54 beginning c. 6’34”)
  • V. “Summer” (1:04 beginning c. 7’27”)
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